ECCNPTP Certification

Empire Cybersecurity Certified Network Penetration Test Professional


The ECCNPTP designation stands for Empire Cybersecurity Certified Network Penetration Test Professional. ECCNPTP is a 100% practical examination that test you ethical hacking and penetration test skills.

Knowledge Domains

In order to clear our ten (10) days exam student must have knowledge on the following subjects:

The exam

ECCNPTP evaluates your abilities at attacking your target and providing thorough professional reporting and recommendation.

The candidate will be provided with a real world engagement within the inside our Virtual Labs. Once valid credentials have been provided, the candidate will be able to perform the tests from the comfort of their home or office. An Internet connection and VPN software is necessary to carry out the exam.

How To Get Certified

There are two ways to get ECCNPTP certification

Our Cyber Security Training  was built for red team professionals with no understanding of penetration testing. The courses prepare you for the ECCNPTP exam with comprehensive videos sessions and practical lab time.

Feel confident in your pentesting capabilities? Empire Cybersecurity offers certification vouchers for Read Team experts who feel as if they do not need the accompanying training. If you’re ready for the exam now, click the link below to purchase your test.

Get Certified In Three Easy Steps

Our Process

Our flexible registration process allows for students to register on a 24 hour calendar, so that they can take the exam at a time best aligned with their schedule.

Once your exam begins, students will have ten (10) full days of access to their own unique exam environment and to deliver a professional report.

You worked hard for it and should be able to show off that hard work. All exams come with a certificate of completion and badge. These items can be shared by students, and verified by employers, through Accredible.